When I registered to this first course on “Scientific Working”, I was not expecting too much although I had been struggling for a few months with writing and submitting two of my articles. Then, when the first emails about the course program and tasks started to come... it grabbed my attention and started to raise my hopes and expectation. Now, two days after the course completion, I can say that I`m still extremely impressed, even blown away! The course program was perfectly balanced; the theoretical part offered me much new useful information, as the freeware tools I could use to better structure and organize the bibliography, useful tips on how to prepare a manuscript that has high chances to be accepted in a renowned scientific journal. Meanwhile, the practical exercises and application helped me better understand how to present my research results not only during conferences but also in the media, on social networks. I was impressed by the speakers’ experience in the field and by their ease in communication and their engaging way to interact with us. I hope the organizers will accept me as a student in all the future schools and seminars they will organize, as I`m convinced that this courses will be the trampoline for my scientific career. Thank you for offering me this great opportunity!
Moreover, the participants prepared manuscripts, tried on the “reviewer’s hat”, confronted their fears of speaking in public, in English, got over and learned from the constructive feedbacks and prepared to impress stakeholders in 30-50 seconds using the Elevator speech technique. A special focus was put on different freeware tools that will definitely improve the quality of our research, published articles and research projects submissions.
We thank the organizers for the great opportunity they gave us and we are looking forward to the first fruitful results!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Roxana Ciceoi, PhD
HORTINVEST- Research Center for Studies of Food Quality and Agricultural Products - Researcher


The ENHANCE Summer School was an excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people coming from other universities inside the EU. It was an interesting and agreeable experience.
The information shared was very interesting and useful. The networking opportunities for future co-operation, research and publishing activities were also high. The mix between courses and workshops facilitated the learning process and extra classes activities such as the visit to the Romanian Academy were enjoyable and inspiring.
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Violeta Chirilioie
UASVM-Bucharest - PhD Student


The summer school “Scientific Working in social and (agricultural) economic science” gave me the opportunity to discover more information about scientific writing and dissemination of research findings. The mix of information was well balanced and consistent and I consider that lecturers managed to cover all the relevant subjects related to the summer school topic in a professional manner. All the activities were very well organized and time was used wisely.
I particularly enjoyed the visit at the Romanian Academy and the discussions we had with its Vice-President, Acad. Cristian Hera represented a memorable moment. The course was dynamic and entertaining and the examples were practical and all information was clearly presented in a pleasant and attractive manner.
I will definitely attend the next editions of this summer school and I will recommend it to other PhD students and young researchers.
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Horia Nicolae Ciocan
UASVM-Bucharest, Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development - Teaching Assistant


The USAMV Bucharest Agricultural Economics and Policy Summer School on “Scientific Working” was very interesting and useful. The speakers have relevant experience, they were able to answer all our questions, and they were very open and friendly with us, so the courses were more interactive and they didn’t bore us.
The information and documentation were very well structured, relevant and sufficient considering the five days spent together.
The theoretical part was combined with the practical one very well.
New information which I will apply in future was presented.
I would like to participate in the next edition of the summer school to increase my knowledge regarding agricultural economics and policy.
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Aurora Dobrin, PhD
HORTINVEST- Research Center for Studies of Food Quality and Agricultural Products - Researcher


I think it was a very good idea to organize this summer school. I had the opportunity to find out new things, to experience a different teaching system and to practice my English. I’m glad I had the chance to participate in this summer school because I’ve met new people and I had the opportunity to see their way of thinking and developing activities. The presentations, the slideshows and the materials were very good and useful and I hope to use them in my next articles. The speakers managed to be dynamic and entertaining and their examples were practical enough.
Thank you for your initiative and for this summer school!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Ștefania Lospa
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Payments Directorate and Accounting European Funds/ Accounting Service Payments - Counsellor 1A


All the lectures were really interesting and gave a broad and solid overview of relevant aspects of scientific working. Even though the range of topics was very broad, ranging from scientific writing and publishing to reference management and science communication, the practical examples enabled me to also acquire a deeper knowledge.
The lecturers gave good answers and were very experienced and the materials they prepared were very good.
The words that best describe my experience during the ENHANCE summer school are: exciting, interesting, and new!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Andreas Niedermayr
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria - PhD Student


I found the Summer School experience very interesting. The combination of the knowledge provided and its practical implementation through workshops made the classes both useful for our academic development and also fun. It was very easy to interact with lectures and fill in the gaps in our education.
I consider the classes very useful, mainly for Master student who have in mind to pursue a PhD programme or an academic career.
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Cristina Andreea Oprea
UASVM-Bucharest - PhD Student


Even though I was not so enthusiastic about this summer school when I decided to attend it, after I “graduated”, I could really say that was a great opportunity. Starting with the excellent administrative organization and the atmosphere created between students and lecturers during the courses, but also afterwards, the ENHANCE Summer School was more than an overview of scientific research. The courses presented in a clear and entertaining way represented a very helpful starting point for my future PhD thesis.
Besides that, I met wonderful people, with a lot of experience in the research area and it provides more confidence that my ideas could have success. See you at the second edition!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Monica Pantilică
UASVM-Bucharest, Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development - Master Student


The ENHANCE Summer School was a very nice experience that I had, just in time to learn how to prepare my Master thesis. Besides that, it brings me a lot of knowledge about scientific working and how one could publish in popular publications from all over the world. The information achieved in just few days was very clear and structured with a lot of examples. There was no doubt about the quality of presentations and also the lecturers’ experience.
I will surely attend the next editions because it is the perfect place to achieve tips and tricks for my future career as researcher. See you there!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Mircea Rusu
UASVM-Bucharest-Management and Internal Audit - Master Student


ENHANCE summer school was an excellent opportunity for me to discover the research topics addressed by my colleagues, the directions in which they decided to go, different styles and approaches, but especially a good opportunity to understand how you can win over the audience by presenting your work. To be concise but also well understood, you need to master some communication techniques. The ENHANCE project helped me to understand that and to practice these skills.
Thank you for this opportunity, I will definitely return!
Date of Posting: October 2016
Submitted By: Mirela Scarlat
Accredited PR Practitioner
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