2018 Participants Testimonials


The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School was a great experience. The organizers created a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere for studying. Housing and food on the campus were excellent and the lectures were held in a familiar atmosphere, providing space for questions and vivid discussions. The exchange with other young researchers was not only fun, but also interesting for my own studies. Activities, such as a city tour through Bucharest, a museum visit and a cultural night complemented the summer school perfectly.
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Theresa BAUML
IAMO Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies, Germany - PhD Student
The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School provided valuable opportunities which I would not have been able to attain somewhere else. First of all, the lectures were well organized, and covered an extensive amount of topics in a comprehensive way. During the five days, I was introduced to different topics and concepts in the boundary of institutional economics and now I know in which direction I would like to go further. In addition, meeting and communicating with other participants with different cultural and research backgrounds was a truly precious experience. I would also like to appreciate the lively and interactive discussions we had during lectures. Last but not least, the amazing hospitality of the organizers made us feel comfortable during the summer school and enjoy the beautiful city Bucharest.
Thank you all very much for such a great experience, and I would definitely recommend this summer school to my colleagues and other students who are interested in institutional economics, who would like to network with students with similar research interests from other countries, and would like to find a hidden gem in Eastern Europe.
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Hyunjin PARK, Master Student in Natural Resource Management
University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany


I very much enjoyed the 2018 ENHANCE Summer School in “Institutional Economics and Agricultural Development”, especially for its variety of topics and the participants’ backgrounds. OK, I may be a little bit biased, since lecturers from the institute I work for were teaching. Nevertheless, we had five intensive days during which we were introduced to different schools of thought. We discussed property rights, transaction costs, contract theory, cooperation, political economy and more generally about the role of institutions and institutional change. The in-depth focus on the topics helped me structure this field of literature and narrow it down to the theories that assist me in addressing my own research matters from an institutional economics perspective. It was great to be in Bucharest on this occasion and the campus atmosphere at the USAMV, the accommodation facilities as well as the organized trips to the Village Museum and the State Domains Agency contributed even more to a nice and insightful experience. Fun memories and interesting discussions with wonderful people from twelve countries will surely remind me of a well spent week, too. Last but not least, the staff was very helpful and the food was great!
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Annamaria HAJDU, PhD Student in Agricultural Economics
IAMO Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies, Germany


The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School was the first summer school I’ve ever participated in and also being in Bucharest, Romania was for the first time - however, these two things were not the reasons why I applied. The reason was neither more nor less: the topic, but, there is always a “but”, I must say that after the first two days passed, I realized that I went there for an initial wrong reason. Indeed, establishing relationships with colleagues from different nations should have been the first reason (there are plenty of other reasons but I’ll stick to this). Literally, I fell in love with everyone’s hospitality especially with Romanians’ hospitality, also with the campus, where everything was organized, wonderful and so peaceful. During the course week, I learned so much, you cannot believe how much (from other participants, professors and exclusively about myself); aside from this, I have to say I also lost too much (Sorry!). I missed the opportunity to spend more time with each member, I missed the opportunity to introduce myself better, I would have wanted to share more about my country (Albania) and the list goes on and on. I know that if I’m going to redo this experience I’ll be much better next time, for sure! I have returned to my country in Albania, with one more piece of “luggage”.
Concluding, I want to thank everyone for filling my good “luggage” because I really see it as good and we shouldn’t forget that “The reward of good is nothing but good.”
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Irena Gjika, MSc Student
Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania


I was very delighted to be part of ENHANCE Summer School 2018, it really broadened my knowledge and I was able to meet young researchers with innovating thinking and vast knowledge. I give thanks to IAMO lecturers: Prof. Dr. Thomas Herzfeld, Dr. Vasyl Kvartiuk and Dr. Axel Wolz for the way they facilitated the classes, made sure we were all carrying along and made the classes interactive.
The visits to Village Museum, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Bucharest Tour were memories that would make me come back to Bucharest, a very lively and rich in culture city.
My special appreciation goes to Dr. Irina Chiurciu for her kind gestures; she was always there to greet the participants
Kudos once again to the organizer of this ENHANCE Summer School and I really recommend this program to postgraduate students especially from Africa.
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Femi Sunday AKINWOLE, MBA Student in Project Management
Bayero University, Nigeria


I enjoyed the USAMV Bucharest Summer School 2018 very much. We had interesting lectures and a lot of cultural activities. Everything was organized very well. I’m glad I participated in this summer school because I met new interesting people from all over the world and had the opportunity to visit Bucharest. And the most important for me is that I discovered the study topics and approaches of international students and researchers in agricultural economics. I’m glad I was part of such an interesting event.
Thanks a lot to the hosting university, the lecturers and the coordinator, Irina!
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Yuliia AMELINA
Agricultural advisory service Dnipro, Ukraine


This year I took part in the Summer School organized by the ENHANCE consortium for the second time. As after the previous edition, I took a lot of good memories from Bucharest. The school was very well organized and the friendly atmosphere between the participants, organizers and lecturers was conducive to effective education.
I would like to express my gratitude to the lecturers for the excellent preparation of content in the field of institutional economics, which is currently one of the most important lines of research in social sciences. Great thanks also to the participants for their involvement and many conversations which proved to be an inspiration for further research. Additional attractions such as sightseeing in Bucharest or the cultural night made our stay in Romania even more enjoyable.
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Łukasz Kryszak, PhD Student
Poznan University of Economics, Poland


The 2018 Summer School edition on “Institutional Economics” was an excellent opportunity to meet great and well-trained people from all over the world and also to accumulate a lot of knowledge. The lecturers were very well prepared and they managed to interact with the whole group. The theoretical part was rich and the participants’ presentations were interesting and with various topics.
I would like to thank the organizers and lecturers for the great experience I took part in!
I totally recommend attending the next edition!
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Beatris Vasile-Tudor, PhD Student
University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania


The hospitality of the USAMV was impressive, the selection of participants was balanced (gender and geography) and provided a space for horizontal and vertical networking. It was a great opportunity to learn from the IAMO team who came well prepared and provided participants avenues to consult with them on their future research.
Date of Posting: October 2018
Submitted By: Kayfe Rosaire NWOSU, Master Student in International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics
University of Göttingen / University of Kassel, Germany
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